How to get Cryptocurrency

You need a Cryptocurrency Wallet.

First of all you need a wallet to store your cryptocurrency and to pay others. There are many software and web wallets for your Android phones, IPhone or any PC, you can choose from, such as Trust Wallet, Metamask, Exodus, Guarda. Once you own a wallet, you are ready to purchase cryptocurrency. Choose any Wallet you like.

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Metamask Wallet

A crypto exchange is a digital marketplace where buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies can trade coins directly with each other. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges such as BinanceBybitHuobiKucoinBitgetMexcOKXGate.ioBitfinexKraken and others. All of them also provide a Cryptocurrency Wallet for you. Crypto exchanges offer a wider range of so-called trading pairs, i.e. currencies that can be traded with each other. Trading pairs can consist of traditional fiat currencies and crypto, for example Euro and Bitcoin, but also of two different cryptos, such as Ethereum and Solana. Creating a trading account with a crypto exchange or crypto broker is usually very similar and only takes a few minutes today.

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Buy cryptocurrency.

  1. Buying crypto with the multi-chain Wallet.
  2. Buying crypto from a centralized crypto exchange.
  3. Buying crypto using a peer-to-peer trading platform.

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